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It is a beautiful day because you stopped by for a visit.

Never had I planted pansies in the yard.  Easter morning I went to get the newspaper from the box and returning I found the larger pansy at the steps growing from a still alive fire ant mound.  The pansy is the floral symbol of Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.  I called a confidant who has always a clear head.  She asked me to wait until Easter Monday and look at the plant again.  On Monday, the "baby" pansy had grown.  I called her again.  She said to check it on Tuesday.  I did.  There were NO signs of anything ever growing at the steps.  My intuitive pal told me it was the Angels giving me a message from my Beloved and baby from Heaven.   I'll never argue that.


Patricia grew up in Boston, MA.  There she attended all girls’ schools.  The teachers were great nurturing the mind and spirit.  Each student was encouraged to

do her best.

Patricia began writing seriously in the fifth grade.  In high school she worked on the school’s newspaper.

Patricia’s curiosity has taken her to many colleges, universities and specific schools of higher learning.

She spent many years working in different fields before she decided that what she liked best was writing.  Some of the jobs included accounting; auto wholesale parts; assistant to a Mayor and City Council.   Because of her art education she worked within the City government also as a curator sorting papers hundreds of years old that had been flooded by the Delaware River.  The best part of sorting the papers was to hold in her hands the parchment deed for the City signed by William Penn.

Other jobs have been in law enforcement; department store owner; commercial construction for the third largest company in the world; and holds a real estate broker’s license.  She also is licensed to be a broadcast engineer.

Her unpaid passion has been the welfare of the elderly and children as a licensed foster mother.  This passion has gotten her honors at the United States Senate , Hart Office Building; the State of Georgia in the form of a Resolution and framed plaques and documents.  Along with these honors were trips to receive these honors.  There have been many honors from other governments within the State of Georgia.

The highest honor of her heart is the Diocese of Savannah, Bishop Gartland Service Award, presented at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, December 2, 2001.

She has served as a County Commissioner for Planning and Zoning.  Patricia is still busy in politics.

Even though her favorite flower is the iris, the above two pansies represents “remembrance” of her late husband and their son she never got to see.

Patricia has written for numerous East Coast newspapers as a free lance reporter.

Books available are: Dust on the Shoes., 2001  For autographed copy, shop in "store",  use PayPal

Patricia contributed to: Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul. For autographed copy, shop "the store".
Every Shut Eye Isn’t Asleep, at favorite book store, on line or for an autographed copy, shop in "store, use PayPal.    
Her hobbies include fabric arts; painting; Native Peoples’ beading; decorating and antiques, and traveling.  Patricia is a gourmet cook.

Her friends are in the United States, Sweden, Australia, Tahiti, Indonesia, Panama and Costa Rica.  Thanks to the internet little conversation is missed.
When Patricia gets a chance she retreats to her “sacred space” for reflection and meditation.

Patricia is a Gold Star Wife supportive of all our military families and  because her husband was Killed in Action.   Her Beloved was a United States Marine and

will forever be "Semper Fi".


One of the greatest honors paid Patricia was Marine-Astronaut-Senator John Glenn found Patricia in a really ONE traffic light town and gave her at least

twenty minutes of a private chat about the Marines; her Beloved's work with the "catching" of the astronauts and words that will stay in her heart.  She

still smiles of a beautiful day designed by God and planned by a Democratic National Committee Friend living with his last days of cancer.  He never thought

of himself. ......  With all she had done she found that she is:      



  " Boy, that Patricia Barbee IS a dangerous woman. . .           from "





"The U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) salute the outstanding contributions of thirteen older Americans who represent the thousands of volunteers dedicated to protecting the integrity of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and to better ensure the quality of care provided to older and needy Americans."

"Although their backgrounds differ, all of the volunteers we honor possess a number of exceptional traits. They are extraordinarily caring, tireless, dedicated, tenacious, and enthusiastic. They possess a remarkable commitment and willingness to traverse every corner of their communities to donate their time and share their knowledge with older Americans and their families."

"Patricia Barbee joined our program in 1998, continuing her lifelong contributions as a civic-minded volunteer, including work with a local library and the local Organization of Native Americans, as well as service as a national officer in Gold Stars of America. Because of her extensive experience, she was the perfect person to take on another volunteer role in the 1999 start-up of our Senior Fraud Squad program. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in developing an outreach education program in the Pembroke, Georgia, area. "

"With this recognition ceremony, we pay tribute to Patricia Barbee’s contributions to our program. We expect to see the efforts of YellowBird OnWing (her Native American name) continue to soar."

I am honored to be on a poster for Gold Star Spouses Day, 5 April 2017. The US Army, Fort Stewart, GA created the poster.  Do note it honors "my" Marine.



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