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Selfish Motorists


It is time for good defensive drivers to take their road back from the selfish motorists.

Aren’t you tired of the news breaks from media announcing an accident here or an

accident there?


When I was old enough to drive, from all sides I was encouraged to be a defensive

driver.  “Make sure you not only observe the front of your car, but look forward to

see what the other vehicles are doing.  If they are braking, you’ll see the red lights.

Be prepared to slow or stop.”  That rule is what I still drive with today.


Two weeks ago, I was traveling through a country area I know well. The road is a

Federal road that crosses the USA.  It is not as famous as Route 66, but much

longer and still viable. I know the speeds along the road.  I was about three miles

from where the speed limit drops from ‘’55 mph’’ to ‘’45 mph’’.  All of a sudden I

noticed the cars ahead of me slowing up but no red lights.  For at least three

minutes this went on.  Then out of ‘’nowhere’’ came a vehicle almost into my

trunk and definitely into my rear view mirror. 


For about a minute this ‘sick’ driver rode the bumper of my auto.  As the vehicles

ahead of me got slower but still no tail lights, I kept the ‘’three second rule’’ for

drivers to stay apart from other vehicles.


That bloomin’ idiot on my bumper passed me on the left and cut in front of me

into my safe space and I had to jam my brakes. I don’t drive with my hand on the

horn, however this bloomin’ idiot earned my distain and I blared him for a few

seconds. Had either of us had to make a choice it would have been into oncoming

traffic of the two lane highway or into the marsh!


Within seconds the traffic was down to 35 mph in the 55 mph zone.  I could see

a huge piece of highway safety equipment pull into a parking lot away from the

marsh to let traffic proceed.


That bloomin’ idiot then was into the 35 mph zone for almost two miles.  Had the

driver with license plates from another State known the highway or known the area,

he would not have been so reckless.  I saw children in his vehicle as he was making

his bad decision.  If he had a death wish, he should do so in his own area without

passengers and be alone! Selfish drivers kill others. There are times they kill others

and are left alive with various degrees of injuries.  Lives for generations may be



There is one dangerous spot along I-95 where South Carolina and Georgia meet.

The drivers from South Carolina entering Georgia, almost daily cause an accident.

News pop-ups via the internet alert me to the accidents.  I’ve not been in that

area of trauma in nearly three years.  It is news worthy of broadcasting when there

is NOT an accident.


Civil engineers work to lay out the roads and proper speed limits.  Who are the

selfish motorists to defy what was set for the safety of all?  I believe in all motorists

taking remedial driving classes.  I believe all adults should set good examples as

caretakers of children who observe everything. 


One thing I’d like to see are the legal authorities that arrive at accidents to take

reports, take preventative steps.  Having worked in law enforcement years ago,

I know how long it takes to complete the reports for the State and copies for those

requesting them.


It would so much easier for the patrols along the highways to just patrol at the

posted speed limit and act as pace cars.  Sure, the speeders will be irate. So what?

Let them be irate and arrive at their destination alive and maybe with a well deserved

speeding ticket in hand!



Patricia Barbee © 2016




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